Conspicuous Consumption
I am a Unitarian Universalist.  One of the precepts of our church is that each person is on a spiritual journey in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  The idea is that each person's journey is unique, as are their answers to those questions.  We are supposed to support each other along the way.  I see a parallel between that description and my own efforts to lose weight.  No two people can go about it in the exact same way, but hopefully, we can all get there just the same.

One of the things about Unitarians, like many other faiths, is we light lots of candles, often in a chalice (a cup like candle holder) while trying to say something profound.  One of the sayings I particularly like is, "We light this chalice to bring light to dark places."  That, too, was something I hoped to accomplish with this blog.  For me, like many people, over-eating has always been a dark, secret place, often filled with personal shame.  My idea was to bring this hidden behavior, out into the open, to look at it, better understand it, and hopefully have it lose its power over me.

Finally, if you claim to be a Unitarian, it is important to maintain a good sense of humor.  There are less than 200,000 Unitarians in the United States and we are regularly skewered on shows like the Simpsons and serve as the punchline for many a religious joke.  We take it all with a grain of salt.  Humor, too, plays a big role in trying to change a long established behavior.  I find that being human, there is lots of margin for error and omissions. When I am able to recognize my human frailty, it is good to laugh about it, get back up and try again.  Yes, I like my Unitarian Diet. 


Honey Nut Cheerios and Bran Chex cereal with skim milk
24 almonds
Lentil and feta salad
Half a protein drink
Fried green tomotoes
Glass of red wine
Bite of red velvet cake and peach cobbler


Lifted weights and did crunches for 25 minutes

My Fitness Pal calculated I was 100 calories over my daily goal

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